Esperanza - The Novel

My dear readers! At the time of Fifty Shades of Grey I can recommend my novel Esperanza to dive deeper into the dark urges. Unlike the current movie or the novel The Story of O I call a spade a spade and describe my experience uncompromising. Much time has passed since I gave the readings in a row live at the legendary Dark Side Club for the best, and so much more time since I wrote the first lines agitated about my experiences in BDSM.

Esperanza is a story based on personal experience, some parts are transfigured descriptions, others are truthful renditions. Many a reader who was of the party in those days might ask what is real and what is fiction? Who is who and what did she really let do to herself? Of course I let different persons melt into one or changed them beyond recognition since as in every novel any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental and in my case surely unintended.

In the past you could read the story of Esperanza on my website. But as it includes some obviously pornographic parts, and as readers like to hold a book in their hands, especially when they are lying in bed at night or want to delight their partners with a glass of wine and candlelight, inquiries for the story in book form increased.

Although as an actress, dancer and diseuse I own low authorial skills I accepted the challenge of releasing the book after a lot of good friends who already enjoyed Esperanza encouraged me to do so. Et VoilĂ  – here it is. Plunge into it and let yourself be seduced to pure lust, devotion and pain. Currently I am writing my memoirs and there are plans for another book featuring short stories and poems that shall be released subsequently. Esperanza is available in German language only.