Be a Stripper, Be a Star

Burlesque as you like it. Burlesque derives from Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils and is so much more than Dita von Teese and the uptight striptease by housewives called New Burlesque.

Gipsy Rose Lee, the burlesque striptease queen of the fifties meets the first Playboy pinup girl, Bettie Page. Together they remember their big time and surprisingly enjoy the burlesque show at Kleine Nachtrevue. Burlesque workshops and Dita von Teese are not even taken seriously there.

Featuring Jayne Mansfield, burlesque filmstar Mae West, chatting abour her favourite topic sex, Teaser Rat – burlesque star from the United States who instructs the quick workshop „Be a Stripper” – Jo de Flex, who makes steel melt and Magic Burlesque: the show that reveals how many facettes burlesque really has. From Old Burlesque to Brandnew Burlesque – colourful, frivolous and sexy.

No dates because the Covid 19