Who Is Nada Njiente?

Nada Njiente is an erotic artist and actress, a performance artist, dancer and singer. She is also an author of erotic writings and a tantric masseuse.

While she was attending dance school, she has already worked in several night clubs and has staged small erotic plays there. She gained her first experiences during a musical tour performing West Side Story – she was hired for the role of the Anybodys. As a disciple at Theater des Westens, she mimed the lightly clad figurehead on a ship’s bow, and in the play Mahagonny, she was strapped on a wheel as a fille de joie. In the famous Three Penny Opera (Dreigroschenoper), she played – of course – a whore.

She got around a lot as a dancing teacher for jazz dance and ballet, and finally returned to the theater and toured more plays. She starred in the movie Der Augenfilm, a contribution to the short film Berlinale, played chansons in the legendary Scheinbar and the Schokofabrik and worked in committed, socially critical off-theater projects like Hoch-Tief together with the theater group Süd-Ost.

After a break, she created her own strip shows deriving from belly dance. She staged them in several clubs. Although she was largely unknown by then, she won the lap dance contest at Big Eden. As a model and a masseuse, she earned not only money, but also her stripes…

In KitKatClub at Glogauer Strasse, she mesmerized her audience with virtuous artistry at the trapeze swing, or live sex clips on the dance floor. Furthermore, she read from Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom, the most exciting passages from Story of O and Q Letters. The first film of the Avantgarde series, Die Vorleserin (The Reader), was made.

In KitKatClub at Metropol and on the Venus fair in 2000, she fascinated her audience not only with erotic dance, but also with extreme performances, for instance with hot wax. At the major event Carneval Erotica she performed on the waggon of Obszönes Theater (Obscene Theater). She sang chansons accompanied by house beats, danced with live percussion and recited a delicate text from erotic literature. about cohabitation. In Bessemer Straße she contributed to Obszönes Theater again in a performance called Der Tod und der Tanz I (Death and Dance I) and achieved her first own show. The event called Liederlicher Liederabend (Raffish Recital) in KitKatClub was recorded by the TV show Wahre Liebe (True Love) and presented in a report.

The first theater performance of Fragmente der Leidenschaft (Fragments of Passion) took place at KitKatClub in June 2002. This time, Nada Njiente applied her acting skills to a daring combination of classical words and pornography. There was a small insight on the event in a report about Berlin hedonists on Deutschlandfunk. Other productions followed, for instance an evening devoted to the works of Bertolt Brecht and a persiflage of The Taming of the Shrew or dancing performances during her affectionately arranged Goa parties.

Also at Christopher Street Day in 2002 she performed on the waggon of KitKatClub as a diseuse singing respective twenties songs, this time even accompanied by a piano. In 2004 she was of the party again of course.

Since the summer of 2003 she regularly performs different shows, for instance Burleske Huren rauf und runter at Kleine Nachtrevue with Sylvia Schmid. On her website she publishes her erotic story Esperanza that she presented at her monthly reading at DarkSide Club, where she performed different shows.

Nada Njiente’s key feature is her versatility, her strong and authentic stage presence, her mental draft and last but not least her wit, with which she takes herself for a ride time after time.

Most of all I want to entertain you and carry you off into my world of eroticism to show you my love. I give record of being a delighted exhibitionist, I can’t help it. If you like what I have to offer, I am glad, but if I can touch you deeply I am happy. I was born a performer and always wanted to be one. The sphere of eroticism is my world, here I want to blossom as flora and let my leaves fall. Sex has as many facets as there are individuals, it lives in and through everybody’s phantasies and is highly coveted – regardless of the way it manifests itself. Everyone has an own imagination. It is always beautiful when great minds think alike and dance for joy… and I – I dance with them.

My favourite quote: Being a warrior means being ready to sacrifice everything but one’s own truth, own existance and self-commitment. Finally it means to stand up for your commitment and live a life that offers the possibility of a change. (Douglas Cardinal, aboriginal architect and artist, Canada)